Saudi War Crimes Monitored in Yemen on August 10th



During the last 24 hours, the Saudi-led coalition completely ignored the catastrophic situation taking place in Yemen and continued striking various Yemeni governorates.

To begin with Hajjah governorate, at least 10 airstrikes rocked Haridh and Medi districts, while another two raids hit Dawar Mstba.

Going to Saada governorate, bordering Saudi Arabia, the warplanes launched 4 air raids that struck Al-Dhahir district, in addition to Saudi missile bombardment targeting Al-Quor region based in Qamr district.

Saada is considered one of the most put-to-ground places in Yemen due to the current deadly Saudi war as it declared the governroate, with whatever of civilians, schools, markets and hospitals it contains, a “military target.”

In Marib governorate, an airstrike hit Serwah district. Marib houses a lot of the Yemeni oil and gas reserves, and it also holds combats between the Yemeni joint military on one hand, and the Saudi paid militias plus Al-Qaeda on the other.

Moreover, the coalition fighter jets conducted an air raid on northern Yakhtal in Mocha distict, western Taiz governorate.

Heading to Hodeidah governorate, one air raid targeted Khawkha district.

Concluding it with beyond the Saudi border, where confrontations take place between the Yemeni joint military and the Saudi forces, the Saudi-led coalition launched two airstrikes aiming at Dar Al-Nassr as well as Qamr village based in Khawba, while an additional bomb was dropped on Jarah valley.