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Aden the “series of house raids “

YemenExtra Y.A A security force, believed to be from the anti-terrorism apparatus, arrested  the son of a security official in Aden province, south of the country, the city under the control of UAE. A security force raided the home of…

Saudi-led coalition launches 12 raids on Sanaa airport

YemenExtra Y.A Sana'a International Airport has been subjected to about 12 raids raided by the Saudi-led coalition jets  since the morning of Wednesday The correspondent of the Al-Massira network in Sanaa said that the coalition…

Saudi-led coalition jets launch 3 raids on Serwah

YemenExtra Y.A Saudi-led coalition jets waged three raids on Serwah district of Marib province overnight, an official told Saba on Sunday . The raids aimed citizens' houses and burned farms, aiming to push residents to starvation.