Saudis Aim to Slay the Future of Yemenis



Riyadh- Angry reactions bubbled up as the United Nations published a report on children rights violations in Yemen citing  information provided.

In fact, Saudi has committed more aggressive crimes, Saada alone accounts for a much larger size of children rights abuses than that mentioned in the UN report– “over 700 children were killed in Saada only since the beginning of the war and 2,700 others were wounded by Saudi Airstrikes.”

The team criticized UN because of its “deliberate and shameful silence on systematic crimes against civilians in Saada.”

“The truth on the ground confirms that the violations of the Saudi-led coalition and its allies are a systematic process aimed at slaying the future of Yemen,” Andrew said.

Yemen has been witnessing a ruthless war waged by the Saudi-led coalition since March 26th of 2015.

Source: Yamanyoon