Daily Saudi War Crimes in Yemen: Four Killed and Five Others Injured in Nehm



Four citizens, including a child and a woman were killed and 5 others injured in three raids waged by the Saudi-led coalition targeting a house and the paramedics in Nehm District, northeast Sana’a.

The four civilians, including a child and a woman lost their lives and five others sustained wounds in three raids, the first of which targeted the civilian house in Masourah village based in the aforementioned district. The following two airstrikes deliberately hit the paramedics.

This comes in the context of the crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition against the people of Yemen since the beginning of the war on 26 March 2015.

The coalition and its paid militias are said to commit war crimes against innocent citizens when inflicted with heavy losses on the battlefield.

The Saudi-led coalition has been escalating its humanitarian violations against the Yemeni people during the past two weeks. More than 100 civilians were killed and wounded in Saada, Hajja, Taiz and Sana’a governorates.

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