Syrian Army launches assault on Abu Duhur airbase, city from southwest Aleppo seizing two hilltops



The Syrian Arab Army has opened up a new offensive axis against terrorist-led militias in southwest Aleppo province with the goal of reaching a key airbase and city located in eastern Idlib.

Whilst elite units of the Syrian Army march on the airbase and city of Abu Duhur via eastern Idlib province, pro-government forces based in southwest Aleppo have just commenced their own assault to reach the same targets.

The sudden attack by pro-government forces comes after almost an entire year of relative inactivity on the southwest Aleppo front and may linked to still unconfirmed reports that armed rebel groups have begun a strategic withdrawal from the entire region towards Idlib.

In the last hour, sources on the ground report that Syrian troops wrested control of two hilltop areas from militant factions in what is only the opening phase of army’s assault, these being identified as Tal Abu Ruwayl and Tal Al-Muqbirah.

Updates to follow.

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