A newly released report describes current situation in UAE-occupied Socotra Island



The Ministry of Water and Environment, represented by the Public Authority for the Protection of the Environment, has completed the preparation of a report on the current environmental situation of Socotra Island and the looting and misuse carried out by the countries of the Saudi-led coalition.

Minister of Water and Environment Nabil Abdullah Al-Wazir mentioned that the report was prepared in accordance with what was agreed upon at a joint meeting between the Minister of Culture and the Governor of Socotra to publish a new general report for UNESCO, In order to call for the formation of an international committee to visit the island and to learn about the acts of sabotage.

The minister pointed out that the report includes many challenges, pressures and tampering on the island, which represents a constant threat to biodiversity and its safety, not to mention the barracks and camps that have been established, as well as the random building of roads throughout the archipelago and the indiscriminate construction at sensitive sites such as (Dixum) region, in addition to threats to marine resources, including the indiscriminate fishing of the island’s marine resources.

He pointed out that Socotra Island, as part of a UNESCO World Heritage List, was not only protected from the national scope but a global one and maintained national and international responsibility, which required a rapid and comprehensive assessment to monitor violations in the methodology set by UNESCO.

He stressed that the government of rescue will take all steps to escalate the demand of the international community in general and UNESCO in particular to work and stop the tampering and destruction that threatens the island. He confirmed the necessity to preserve the unique biological and natural diversity, which happens to be one of the most alien-looking environments on earth  and a global source of natural drugs and herbs.