US-Saudi-led coalition losses in Taiz



Dozens of the US-Saudi-led coalition were killed and injured as the Yemeni army forces  foiled an advance attempt towards Taiz province, a military official told YemenExtra.

The operation took place in al-Salu district, inflicting heavy losses in the paid fighters , the official added.

For its part, the US-Saudi-led coalition jets launched seven air strikes on the same province, causing material damages to the citizens’ properties, .

Nine secret prisons belonging to Islah party are existed under its control, and more than 2,700 detainees and hidden are registered in Taiz province, according to a recent human rights report.

Human rights sources revealed the existence of three secret prisons to hide and torture the disappeared to death in Asifra area, as well as a prisons in Electricity Corporation, Badrum Judicial Complex in Jarrah mount, Musbah Club, and the Na’ama Rassam School, and the Education Bureau, which is considered as a reserve prison for Islah partyAccording to statistics released by the human rights office in Taiz, the number of those who were forcibly disappeared exceeded 2700 people, under the pretext of their allegiance to Ansar Allah and the Sana’a government.

It is noteworthy that large areas within the city of Taiz for the fourth year in a row, witness many scenes of criminality ,assassinations , killings and physical assassinations daily since they were taken over by the groups of Tkfiri base and -Daesh and many different factions which committed crimes and paid fighters for forces of the coalition.

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