Al-Tuwaijri: we understand Germany’s reluctance and we will not engage in arguments over weapon supplies any more





Saudi Deputy Economy Minister Mohammed al-Tuwaijri said ” Saudi Arabia understands Germany’s reluctance and will not engage in arguments over weapon supplies any more”.

al-Tuwaijri told the Der Spiegel magazine on Sunday that “We won’t be stubborn in relation to arms deals… We won’t cause any more problems for the German government with new requests for arms”.

The deputy minister confirmed that Riyadh is now interested in developing closer cooperation with Berlin in other areas as it want Germany to become its “most important economic partners.

Al-Tuwaijri said he’s confident that Saudi Arabia will swiftly find suppliers to fill in the gap created with Germany’s departure, adding “may soon be able to cope without importing weapons from abroad at all”.

German chancellor, Angela Merkel, who arrived in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, again called on the country to stop its bombing campaign in Yemen, according to media report.

A German government spokesman said despite criticism of the Saudi’s military actions, Germany and Saudi Arabia penned a deal during Merkel’s visit for the German army to train Saudi soldiers.

Earlier, HRW called on the US, UK and France to stop selling weapons to Riyadh as a result of Saudi-led Coalition crimes that may be war crimes, and deep humanitarian catastrophe.

Human rights groups are also demanding that the US, UK and other countries stop selling arms to the Saudi-led coalition.