Saudi Bombs Kill Yemeni Khadija




The Saudi-led coalition continues its military operation and imposed siege on Yemen for the third year.

Speaking of the ongoing conflict, the Yemeni woman Khadija died of a disease caused by poisons of bombs dropped by the coalition warplanes on residential areas.

Khadija has always stayed in intensive care in a clinical death because of a painful disease that she had been suffering for almost two years.

The disease, according to medical examinations, occurred due to poisons and gases of the used bombs by the US-backed Saudi coalition.

The new mentioned victim is a resident of Maran in western Saada province, and is a mother of three young children.

Recently, she passed away leaving her three kids newly orphaned after being in pain from her illness.

Khadija is considered to be one of the 20 Cancer cases in the district of Haidan, while the rest of the almost 30 million people endure weak health services exhausted by the Saudi imposed siege.