A squadron of Israeli F-16s Joined Saudi Coalition against Yemenis





Riyadh, KSA)– According to Saudi Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Ahmed al-Asiri, the first Israeli F-16 warplanes have targeted a training center of notorious Houthi in northern Yemeni province ,Taiz.

In March 2015, the Saudi-led Coalition launched an operation called Decisive Storm against the Houthisand launched thousands of attacks in an attempt to defeat them.

“… in this crucial time we are in dire need of Tel Aviv’s military prowess to curb in Yemen. I hope this felicitous Israeli intervention in Yemen would harbinger a new dawn in Arab-Israeli partnership and the entire world shall witness the comradeship and amicable relation between the armies of kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Israel,”al-Okaz cited Maj. Gen. Al-Asiri as saying.

The Saudi regime and Israelis have entered into clandestine negotiations about the latter providing aerial assistance to the “Saudi-led Coalition” to defeat anti-Israeli insurgents who have remained invincible against all the invading forces including official armed forces of Saudi; United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, Sudan as well as US and British advisors, in addition to private mercenary armies like Blackwater and Dyna.

On April 1 , two Israeli Air Force 747 aircraft Boeing carrying weapons, added Maj. Gen. Al-Asiri , landed in Khamis Mushait base in Asir in Saudi Arabia to assist the coalition in the war against [ Houthis].

The Source: liberty fighters