It Is a Shame That the Poorest Country Suffers War Conducted by World’s Richest Countries: UN Representative in Yemen




“It is a shame that the world’s poorest country faces this suffering and this three-year war by the richest countries in the world,” said United Nations Resident Representative and Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator Jimmy McGoldrick on Sunday.

During a meeting with Minister of Communications, Glidan Mahmood Glidan, McGoldrick said that he regrets observing the Saudi-led coalition using the economy aspect as a means of war.

Moreover, he pointed out that the Yemenis impressed the world with their ability to withstand these difficult circumstances.

For his part, Minister Gleidan reviewed the challenges facing the telecommunications and postal sector as well as the extent of damages and losses resulting from the targeting carried out by the coalition against the infrastructure of the ICT sector.

The minister also said that the losses of the Ministry of Communications exceeded 70 billion riyals, including more than 400 sites between facilities, exchanges, ground communication stations and mobile towers.