Taiz and Shabwah Witness Military Operations at the Hands of the Yemeni Joint Forces




In a response to the Saudi-led coalition nonstop air strikes , a number of paid fighters , Sunday, were killed and wounded ,as well as a military vehicle was destroyed due to the offensive carried out by Yemeni joint forces in the provinces of Taiz and Shabwah.

The engineering units of the Yemeni joint forces destroyed a military vehicle belonging to the Saudi-led coalition by an improvised explosive device (IED) northeast of Taba al-Seyman in the Directorate of Zubab, west of Taiz province, according to a military source.

The source reported the death and wounding of those on board , military crew.

The Yemeni joint forces launched an offensive on the positions of the Saudi-led coalition in the Shabkah, which led to the deaths and injuries amid their ranks ,it added.

In the Shabwah governorate, the Yemeni joint forces carried out an attack on the positions of paid troops in the Asilan Directorate, causing casualties in their ranks.

A number of paid troops of the aggression were killed on Saturday during an defensive operation by the Yemeni joint forces, in which the paid fighters were trying to advance for hours to the east of the Mukha, and dozens of the paid fighters were killed and wounded, and the vehicle was destroyed during an offensive by the Yemeni joint forces on their sites in Al Hamli, in Mouzah adjacent to Al-Mukha Municipality, west of Taiz.

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