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Coalition launches raid on Amran

The Coalition warplanes launched a raid on Harf Sufyan district in Amran province, a security official said. The official added the Coalition's warplanes hit a communications network in the district.

Civilian killed by Saudi shooting in Saada

YemenExtra Today, Saturday, a citizen was killed by the Saudi armys' fire in Shada district, near the border, Saada Governorate. The Saudi aggressive forces targeted with artillery shells the Shada border district, which resulted in the…

Parliament condemns attack on demonstrators in Lebanon

YemenExtra The Parliament, in its session Saturday headed by Dpeuty Speaker Abdulsalam Zabiyah, condemned the shooting of peaceful demonstrators in Lebanon in the vicinity of the Palace of Justice, which led to the deaths and injuries.…

Coalition’s Warplane raids in several area

The official declerd the killing of a citizen by the Saudi border guards’ fire in the al-Raqw area in the Munabeh border district, Sa'ada province. He stated that the warplane launched 5 raids on Serwah district and 2 raids on…