Antiquities Authority receives 121 artifacts seized in Jawf


The General Authority for Antiquities and Museums said on Sunday that it received from Jawf Province Police 121 artifacts, which varied between Musnad inscriptions, stone altars, tombstones, and others.

The received artifacts were deposited in the warehouses of the National Museum in the capital, Sanaa, the Antiquities Authority added.

The Authority expressed its thanks to the security personnel for their efforts in restoring the antiquities, their sincerity in performing their duty, and their keenness to preserve the antiquities and history of their country.

In this context, the police of Al-Hazm district in Jawf confirmed the arrest of those accused of smuggling ancient antiquities of various shapes.

The police explained that, through investigations and evidence-gathering reports, it became clear that they were trading in Yemeni antiquities.

The district police stated that they seized a large quantity of antiquities that were hidden in the courtyard of a house belonging to one of the defendants.