The Achievements of 21 Sep 2014 Yemeni Revolution




By Lebanese military expert Brigadier General Charles Abi Nader

It is right that the Yemenite revolution of September 21, 2014, based on the principles of freedom, dignity, rejection of dependency, and dependence and external tutelage, is no different from several revolutions all aover the world. It is almost all of these values. However some of them are successful and others fail, but this revolution – the 21 September 2014 revolution in Yemen – remains a shining milestone in the history of peoples over the time.

The objectives of the Yemeni revolution of 21 September

The revolution in Yemen was against the backdrop of the search for a national decision. The fugitive president Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi was only a man outside Yemen, especially the man of Saudi Arabia. His government was absent in its decisions on everything that preserves the sovereignty of the state, the interests of the nation and the rights of the people. .
The Yemeni state hasn’t independent decision that can be distinguished as a Yemeni decision. Foreign policy is a policy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. No positions can be attributed to the State of Yemen in international forums and institutions. The national position of foreign sovereignty is absent and lost. The constitutional state and the rights of most of the Yemeni textile components are missing or wasted, and there is no fair outlook or equal positions between most of Yemen’s diverse cultures and groups.

The government was a failure and limited in the exploitation of the natural wealth of Yemen, which, in order to implement orders and orders of the outside near, was resigned from playing its role in the utilization of the goods of what gave the Creator of Yemen big wealth in oil , gas or minerals , and the reason is the dictates and limitations of The neighbor neighboring the north, which was impeding and through its influence in the global economy, any attempt to enter the companies of exploration and extraction and distribution of global quantities of oil or gas enormous in the land of Yemen, as if this neighbor considers that the buried wealth in the land of Yemen is its strategic reserve, Whenever he wishes, Especially since he always considered that the government of this country was and will stay a puppet at his hand.

The government wasn’t able and privileged to benefit from the strategic location of Yemen, and also, in implementation of the external externalities, was reluctant to exploit the ports, coasts and islands of Yemen within the concepts and requirements of international trade in order to enhance Yemen’s commercial and economic presence in the interest of the ports and coasts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea or the ports and coasts of other Gulf countries in the vicinity of Yemen.
– The government was unable to wrestle control the internal arena, security and social, and had started the fingers of penance and terrorism are pressing on the Yemeni arena, which appeared to be open to enter many terrorist movements from the outside near where the crossings are not held and unsafe, and because of weak power and dependence on this near abroad.

The achievements of the September 21 revolution:

We cannot separate the achievements of the revolution of 21 September 2014 in Yemen from the achievements that imposed itself after the victory achieved by the Yemenis in the unjust war launched against them against the background of that revolution, it can be said that this revolution has broken several concepts that have prevailed throughout history, and created Other concepts will be engraved on the pages of history as follows:
It broke the concept of a weak country mortgaged to powerful nation and created the concept of a steadfast, secure and victorious country that is only associated with the strength and vigor of its people.

It broke the concept of external domination imposed on the poor country, which seemed to be a status and cannot be objected to or stand in front of it, and created the concept of “sovereignty imposing a presumption” and “dignity grabs” and “freedom pulls clouds from the necks of the oppressor unjust.”
“The weak army, which is not equipped with sophisticated weapons and capabilities, will lose the war, and every army with huge military and financial capabilities and capabilities will win the war,” and created a concept that history will always remember: “The war is won only by those who believe in Allah and with loyalty to their homeland and to their people and with commitment to the principles of truth and law, dignity, freedom and violence.
“Every army that believes in its faith and its homeland can make advanced weapons and missile capabilities a sign of modest possibilities, and every army, with its patience and commitment, has the ability to Makes and develops weapons and military capabilities that are superior and comparable to their effectiveness in the field, the capabilities of rich armies with great capabilities.
The revolution of 21 September in Yemen will remain a milestone in the history of the peoples and armies. The battle for the protection of this revolution and the deeds of the Yemeni joint forces in Yemen will continue to face the hordes of the world’s authoritarian powers, a lesson in the history of countries and nations.

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