Key Saudi Cities Witness Severe Casualties at the Hands of the Yemeni Missile ,Artillery Forces




As response to the Saudi-led coalition ongoing air strikes that claimed the lives of about 13000 people,mostly civilians , units of the Yemeni joint forces  ,Wednesday ,launched an offensive operation in Najran, while the rocket and artillery force bombed Saudi sites in Najran and Asir

A military source reported that  a number of the Saudi-led coalition paid fighters fell dead and wounded after an offensive operation by  the Yemeni joint forces on the site of Tala’a  military site in Najran

The artillery of the Yemeni joint forces , in addition, targeted the Sand hill off Al-Khadra port, causing direct casualties

In Assir, the Yemeni joint forces  aimed at the gatherings of Saudi soldiers and their paid fighters in Al-Rabwa complex with Katyusha rockets

The Yemeni joint forces carried out, Tuesday evening, a qualitative attack on the positions of the paid fighters of the Saudi army in the leadership hill opposite AL-Khadra port , while the artillery pounded the concentrations of the paid fighters of the Saudi army and their mechanisms in the Sand hill in Najran

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