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Daily Update of Saudi Crimes in Yemen (Oct.8.2018)

YemenExtra M.A. The Saudi-led aggression continued it bombardment on various Yemeni provinces and regions, leaving killed, wounded civilians, in addition to material damage to property. In al-Hodeidah coastal province, a number of five…

There is no Left in Kirkuk: Iraqi Army

YemenExtra Y.A Recently ,The Iraqi Armed Forces and Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) wrestle full control over the city of Kirkuk after surrounding it from three aixes, thereby prompting a mass retreat by a Kurdish Peshmerga garrison…

Saudi-Led Coalition Retreats ,Sustains Casualties in Lahj

YemenExtra Y.A A military source loyal to the Yemeni joint forces on Tuesday evening declared the restoration and full control of Akkur Mount and the adjacent mountain range after being cleared from the Saudi-led coalition in the…