Yemen’s South between the Jaws of Saudi Arabia ,UAE




What is happening in southern Yemen is more than just political and partisan rivalry between elements, to what is more complicated, could enter the south in a stage of endless bloody conflict, especially in light of the adoption by the UAE and Saudi Arabia of the warring parties, Could destroy the whole of Aden.
Gamal Amer, the middle

A few days ago, Saudi Arabia resumed the supply of its ally Hadi with heavy military vehicles to the presidential headquarters in Al-Masha’iq, where the Presidential Protection Brigade is stationed. The members were evacuated a few weeks before their arrival at the entrances of the city by Al-Hazem brigades after the intervention of Apache planes. The UAE. At the same time, the campaign of physical recruits to the province of Aden, a memorandum of previous assassinations, including members of the “movement” and the imams of mosques and preachers Salafist, did not exclude the former governor of Aden, Major General Jaafar Mohammed Saad.

Two days before the celebration of October 14, tension returned to the interim capital at a more severe pace, threatening to escalate further in light of the escalating situation of the parties to the conflict to the people of the southern provinces to the city that witnessed the assassination of Sheikh Salafi Yassin Adani, On the Hadi, Qasim al-Jahuri, and his brother was killed in clashes with security forces in one of the security points in the city, in exchange for assassinations of Al-Hazem brigades belonging to the UAE in Aden and a number of provinces. Southerners to the referendum, A decision that cannot be made without UAE sponsorship.

The United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom have intended to establish the conflict factors in the occupied territories by conspiring against the South by making it hostage to conflicts that have been created since their soldiers took up their six provinces. When camps were established, tribal, regional and religious camps were created. .

The question is clear about the significance of the consensus between the two countries on the war on the North, while the theoretical separation appears to be related to the South, which could have been a model of political, security and economic stability. This applies to the northern province of Taiz, Before the announcement of the completion of the drop, of the same division and the struggle for influence between the Salafis and «reform», including feeding the assassination of mutual, under the pretext of the Emiri «the need to eliminate the Brotherhood», who are still continuing with it war in a single trench.

In the context of tampering with the south, Abu Dhabi seems to have the upper hand and control over its provinces. Riyadh has shown no concern for the consecration of its dominion on the ground, nor has it protected its supposed allies, including the president, as a legitimate cover for its nearly three-year war, Which its ally still prevents him from returning to Aden, and deliberately shows him as a humiliating and useless person, having been stripped of any political or administrative authority even on his security and civil security in the south.

But is it possible to assess the role of Riyadh as a deficit or stupidity? Where the regime entrusted to Abu Dhabi the task of “dirty operations” related to the liquidation of potential opponents, including the “Muslim Brotherhood,” represented by the party «reform», whose leaders and activists were arrested before burning its headquarters by the security apparatus affiliated with it, Compulsory hospitality with Saudi intelligence.

Such a scenario may seem realistic if it is taken in the context of the negative “reform” stance of the Saudi-Saudi dispute with Qatar, which embraces and dislikes most of their cadres in Doha and Turkey, who turned to Hamad Hamadouh for the role of the two states in “restoring legitimacy.”

All that is happening is nothing more than an expression of the lightness in the policy of the Kingdom’s regimes and the sheikh towards the fate of an entire country and the disregard for the blood and souls of the Yemenis who are being led to death to satisfy the whims of Emirians seeking to prove their extraordinary abilities beyond their borders. A stupidity in the reading of history, which tells of the evils of the demise of any occupation, even if it comes from strong empires, how, if it was by two states, the continuation of their regimes depends on the protection of other countries? Nor can people forgive those who were merely a local glove in the hands of the occupier.

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