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Yemeni history between the jaws of the Saudi-led coalition

YemenExra Y.A number of extremist elements belongs to the forces of Hadi destroyed one of the historic domes in Tor Baha Directorate of Lahj province, local sources reported. According to the the sources, extremist elements joining…

Yemeni childern between the jaws of Saudi-led coalition

YemenExtra Y.A A child under the age of five dies every 12 minutes in Yemen due to the humanitarian crisis caused by the US-Saudi aggression, Achim Steiner, the representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Yemen,…

Yemen’s South between the Jaws of Saudi Arabia ,UAE

YemenExtra Y.A What is happening in southern Yemen is more than just political and partisan rivalry between elements, to what is more complicated, could enter the south in a stage of endless bloody conflict, especially in light of the…