Saudi Crimes Kill and Injure 81 Yemeni Civilians in Only Two Days




Seven people, including women and children, were killed Friday in a new massacre committed by the Saudi-led coalition in the northern province of Saada, raising the number of victims of Saudi crimes during the past two days to 81 killed and wounded civilians amid international silence.

The Saudi-led coalition targeted the home of a citizen in the area of Al-Aslan based in Baqim District in Saada, northern Yemen.

The death toll of the crime reached 7 civilians, including women and children, and is likely to increase, as the rescue operations are still going until the moment.

Ten children, including 2 in critical condition, were injured yesterday evening as a result of an air raid targeting them in the village of Malaha in Masloub District, Jawf Governorate.

On Thursday, three citizens were killed when Saudi border guards opened fire at Yemeni citizens in the Al-Sheikh district of the Manba District of Saada.

The coalition also committed a terrible massacre against the market of Alaf in Saada province on Wednesday morning, killing 29 civilians and wounding 28 others.

Moreover, two citizens were killed and a third got wounded on Wednesday morning as a result of a Saudi American airstrike hitting a bunch of passengers on a main road in the area of Ghafra based in Zaher District, Saada Governorate.

On Wednesday, a resident of Razih District was wounded by Saudi border guards.

The crimes of the Saudi-led coalition against the Yemeni people take place amid the silence of the international community and the international bodies and organizations, especially the United Nations, which remains tongue-tied as it watches the coalition massacres against thousands of Yemeni civilians.

It is noteworthy that more than 35 thousand Yemeni civilians have been killed and wounded in the raids of the Saudi-led coalition since the beginning of the war against Yemen in March 2015, according to independent statistics.

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