What do the experts and military say about the volcano H2 Ballistic attack on Yanbu industrial refineries? And has Dubai become close?




The Yemeni missile force announced the launch of the post-Riyadh phase after its launch yesterday evening of the volcano 2-H ballistic missile on refineries in the province of Yanbu Saudi Arabia, which hit the target accurately.
After the launch of the missile, Yemeni army spokesman Brigadier General Aziz Rashid said that the Yemeni army and the popular committees will target areas of a vital nature in Saudi Arabia unless the aggression on Yemen stops. He pointed out that there is a strong military deterrent and the drop of cities to stop the aggression against Yemen.

A spokesman for the army confirmed that he was able to develop missiles from 350 to 800 to 1,000 kilometers. They are able to reach beyond Yanbu because there are Israeli ports. He stressed that as long as the Israeli enemy is concerned, we are satisfied.

Analyst and Yemeni military expert Brigadier Ismail al-Hassani, confirmed that the operation was a very big surprise for the Yemeni people and abroad, as the missile from the new missiles.

The head of the Military Research Center, Brig. Gen. Dr. Mohammad Hashim Al-Khalid, said that targeting this facility, which extends beyond Riyadh beyond 300 km, is a qualitative development and a major achievement of the missile force.

The election of this goal was a prelude to the post-Riyadh phase, according to the analysis of experts and military analysts, targeting the heroes of the missile force of the army and the People’s Committees for this goal described as “Balsam” stems from the determination and great enthusiasm in addition to the opening of the horizon in front of them.

“We are targeting and electing the military objectives or the vital objectives of the regime and the Saudi enemy who attacked Yemen. We elect them in the right time and place, following military data and accurate coordinates so that the target can be paid directly,” said a Yemeni army spokesman.

“There is a military efficiency of the missile force in the election of the right time and after a complete intelligence study at the intelligence levels and at the community level, and then the direction of the military strike, so the injury was accurate.

The reading of analysts and military experts of the map of the goals drawn by the missile force and included in the definition of strategic objectives confirms that the way to target the capitals of aggression is on the near perspective, and the sirens to be heard in these capitals.

This is confirmed by Brigadier Ismail al-Hassani, that access to this stage means that access to other aggressor capitals will be very close, the distance to Yanbu distance to Dubai, which distance from the target of Yanbu about 60 km only.

Will be access to Dubai and beyond after Dubai soon, as will be revealed in the coming days, and will accelerate the extent of tyranny and criminality exercised by the countries of aggression and tools on Yemen land and human.

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