Saudis Announce Closure of Only Left Lifeline for Yemenis: Hudayda Port




The closure of Yemen’s al-Hudayda port – which is the only port functioning currently – “would mean the death of the Yemeni people,” according to the Minister of Transportation Zakaria al-Shami speaking in Sana’a on Monday.

Al-Shami confirmed that Yemen’s other border crossing points via land and air “are completely demolished.”

The minister stressed, “Al-Hudayda port is the lung with which the Yemeni people are breathing; it is the source for food, clothes, medicine for more than 21 million people.”

Yemen has been enduring crippling blockades for more than a year. The Sana’a International Airport has been shut down for commercial flights since August 9, 2016, after the Saudi-led coalition imposed an air embargo on the airport.

The Saudi-led coalition battling Ansarullah announced the closure of all land, air and sea ports after a Yemeni Borkan 2H long-range  missile targeted an international airport in the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

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