A Girl Wounded in Saudi Rocket and Artillery Attacks




A girl was injured on Sunday by rocket and artillery attacks on the bordering villages, which belong to the province of Saada.

The girl was injured as result of a rocket and artillery shelling on different areas of the bordering villages in Razih district, Saada province, a source reported to YemenExtra.

Just Saturday, another child was wounded due to an air raid that targeted a house in al-Muqna’a area in the district of Minabah, in addition to the complete demolition of the targeted house.

In a preset time, two children were killed and 4 others were injured after an aerial bombardment conducted by the Saudi-led coalition hit a civilian house in Bani Sayah area, district of Razih.

Such crimes against the people of Yemen are being committed by the Saudi-led coalition on a daily basis under the coverage of an international silence.

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