The Syrian Army Is on Its Way into Retaking Albukamal from ISIS




The Syrian Arab Army with their allies have began fresh clashes against ISIS defenses in occupied city of Albukamal, today, a military source reported.

Led by the attack helicopters of the elite Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies attacked ISIS positions in Albukamal, inflicting fierce damage on the terrorist group’s defenses that surrounds the city.

The onslaught has also killed several ISIS militias, including three terrorist field commanders that led the counter-assault against the Syrian Army during this week.

The taken lives of ISIS commanders were identified by a Syrian military source as Hani Al-Thalji, Abu Munzer Al-Shishani (Chechen national), and Abu Mohammad Al-Safi.

This latest assault by the Syrian Army comes just hours after the Tiger Forces launched a powerful attack from Al-Mayadeen in a bid to reach Albukamal’s northwestern sector.

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