An Update of the Saudi War Violations in Yemen (12-11-2017)




The Saudi-led coalition continues its raids on various provinces, leaving killed and wounded citizens and property damage.

In capital Sana’a, a number of citizens were injured and 12 houses were damaged after an air strike hit a heavily populated neighborhood of al-Sa’adi. In addition, it carried out four raids on Arthi Complex and the Ministry of Defense that are located in the center of the capital.

The police academy in the the capital Sana’a was also struck by two raids, following it with other two missiles on the fish market in the neighborhood of the Balili that is close to the academy.

In Sana’a province, 3 aerial raids were launched on the district of Nehm, outskirts of the capital Sana’a.

In the province of Hodeidah, 9 fishermen were killed and 7 others were injured after their gathering was targeted in Bawadi island by two missiles; in addition to launching 2 raids on the district of al-Khokha.

In Saada province, a child was wounded due to raids on a house in the Al-Muqna’a area of Al-Manbah district.

Moreover in Saada province, the coalition carried out two missiles on Al-Ajasher and four otherson Al-Sohh area.

Additionally, in Hajjah, the Saudi-led coalition conducted 8 raids on the districts of Haradh and Medi.

In the Saudi province of Asir, the coalition military aircraft launched two raids on the city of Raboua.

In the Saudi province of Jizan, it launched two missiles on Qamar village.

In Najran, a Saudi bordering province where confrontations take place, the Saudi jets carried out two raids on Al-Shabakah site.

A Girl Wounded in Saudi Rocket and Artillery Attacks