Yemeni Masses Took to Streets to Condemn Suffocating Saudi Blockade




Thousands of Yemenis took to the 60th St. in the capital Sana’a, Monday morning, in front of the United Nations Office to denounce the recent escalation made by the Saudi-led coalition by tightening the already present siege and closing all ports of the Republic of Yemen.

The march, which extended along the 60th Street where participants carried the flags of the Republic of Yemen and banners condemning the suffocating blockade as well as the daily war crimes against thousands of innocent Yemeni civilians.

Participants also carried slogans of freedom condemning US policy in the region. One demonstrator wrote a banner reading “The siege kills the Yemeni people.”

The participants in the march chanted slogans such as “such unjust blockade and the whole world is sleeping”, “famine and blockade are made by the evil alliance”, “we will not accept this siege, down with the imperialists”, “those in the UN Council  have sold the nations for the dollar.”

Moreover, the President of the Supreme Political Council, Mr. Saleh Al-Samad, made a speech in which he stressed that the continued Saudi war and siege will only drive Yemenis into developing stronger deterring capabilities.

The president addressed the forces of the Saudi-led coalition and stated that this war must stop and the siege has to be lifted, pointing out that the Saudi regime has “flaws in its policy as it underestimates others in different countries in the region.”

He also said that, “the unity of the people and leadership will defeat the conspiracies of the enemies, reassuring our people that we have options in retaliation on land and sea if the aggression and siege continues.”

He also stressed that Yemenis have the right to respond as long as the Saudi-led coalition continues to taken steps in an attempt to drive Yemeni people into submission.

“We have the right to take all measures to stop the aggression as the coalition has blocked all the doors of peace and dialogue,” he concluded.

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