Saudi-Led Coalition Suffers Heavy Defeats as Yemeni Joint Forces Seize Military Equipment in Shabwah




In responde to the Saudi-led coalition’s nonstop air strikes that claimed the lives of about 15,000 people, mostly civilians , the Yemeni joint forces carried out ,Thursday ,an attack against posts of Saudi-led coalition’s paid fighters in Osaylan district of Shabwah province, according to a military official .

The attack killed several of the paid fighters and injured others in al-Jahfah area in the district, it added.

The Yemeni joint forces , in addition, seized military equipment after the paid fighters had fled their positions.

In November 1, units in the Yemeni joint forces destroyed a military mechanism belonging to the paid fighters , while the artillery force pounded gatherings of the paid fighters with a salvo of shelling in Shabwah.

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