Yemeni Zelzal 1 Scatters Saudi-Led Coalition in Midi




In response to the Saudi-led coalition’s fatal air strikes that claimed the lives of about 15,000 people, mostly civilians , the missile force of the Yemeni joint forces launched ,Wednesday ,Zelzal-1 on Saudi paid fighters’ gatherings north of Midi desert.

A military official told YemenExtra that the missile force aimed at the paid fighters , causing losses at their ranks .

In October 26, the engineering unit destroyed a minesweeper in an improvised explosive device on the coast of Midi, while the artillery force arrested the paid fighters’ groups west of Moza’a in Taiz, at the Sadrist camp in Marsa in Dali and north of the Midi desert.

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Zelzal Missiles Target Saudi-Led Coalition, Burn Weapons in Midi