Big Losses in Lives and Ammunitions upon Saudi-Led Coalition in Shabwah




In response to the Saudi-led coalition nonstop air strikes that claimed the lives of more than 12000 , mostly civilians , the Yemeni joint forces today caused the Saudi-led coalition big losses in the large area of the city of Asilan ,Shabwah.

A military source told YemenExtra that a number of the paid fighters were killed and wounded, and a tank and a military vehicle were destroyed in a qualitative attack on their positions in the sand dunes in al-Zafra area.

The source pointed out that during the operation , they also seized weapons after the paid fighters fled their sites .

In August 17, the Yemeni joint forces ,Thursday, launched an offensive on sites of the paid fighters in Osaylan directorate as a response to the Saudi-led coalition daily air strikes .The offensive left a number of them dead and wounded.

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