Foreign Policy Journal: Bin Salman is an Israeli man in Saudi Arabia




Bin Salman is an Israeli man in Saudi Arabia such is the description of the Zionist enemy crown prince of the kingdom, according to the Foreign Policy Journal, which considered Mohammed bin Salman a reliable element in a long-term US-Israeli project to create a new Middle East.

In this sense, the Saudi prince can be seen as a proxy for Washington and Tel Aviv and one of their most important tools and instruments in the Middle East. The magazine notes that the United States and Israel are working closely to strengthen Mohammed bin Salman’s authority in Saudi Arabia because he has demonstrated his ability to engage in bloody projects, On Yemen, considering that this war is exactly like the wars launched by the organization of Daesh in Syria, a difference that it is open work by a nation-state.

The newspaper added that Ibn Salman joined Israel in the threats to Lebanon, adding that in all the wars of the new century in the Middle East, a great effort was made in one way or another, lest Israel appear on the front and avoid appearing as an aggressor, the newspaper said.

The British Daily Mail, in turn, quoted sources close to the Al Saud that Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz will step down and hand over the throne to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman next week.

The newspaper quoted a special source as saying that Salman will play the role of Queen of England, and will keep the title of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. According to the newspaper, this step is the last in the seizure of power by Ben Salman, which began earlier this month, the arrest of more than forty personalities, including princes and ministers on corruption charges.

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