To Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah




By –Ashraf Al-Kabsi

You are a terrorist, so said the Arab League, and continued to taunt Aruba about the dinner, and good appetite, this prince ate a soup of a few children from Saada, and that king chewed on some of the lads of Yemenite women. These presidents liked the taste of the kabsa in a Saudi way. 1000 grilled chicken in the market, with rice, cardamom and seasoning passengers’ eyes in Atan bus,

The secretary-general of the university was his preferred and honest dish, a European mulukhya, for some reason that looked red and cholera-flavored!

Yes, you are a terrorist, sir. How can they not refuse their participation in the peace of the last supper?! How do you not talk about Yemenis as human beings? Where is your Arabism? O Iran’s dreaded terror and you are demanding the lifting of the siege on Yemen!

You are a terrorist, sir. So said the Arabs and the Ajam, in Riyadh, Cairo, Washington, and Tel Aviv, and so the mufti of Arab countries and his shaykh Trump declared their sanctity, B 30 army, even prevents the introduction of dialysis solution for 3000 patients were bombarded 30 thousand times by 300 thousand rockets!

Yes, you are a terrorist, sir. I am a terrorist, my son and my neighbor and a reader of my terrorist messages, and I am a terrorist of a terrorist. I say: Whatever your religion, ideology and your country you are the Yemeni, the Arab and the human.