Bouts Erupt Among Saudi-Paid Militias in Taiz, Central Yemen




Clashes broke out on Monday between two factions of Saudi-paid militias in the governorate of Taiz, which left at least two killed and five wounded.

The fierce bouts erupted last Saturday among the Abu-Abbas al-Takfiri Brigades, backed by the United Arab Emirates and another military faction affiliated with the pro-Saudi Islah Party.

According to sources close to Riyadh’s paid militias, the Abu Abbas faction also cut off a number of civilian streets, worsening the city’s tranquility.

Moreover, the UAE forces are seeking to form a security belt consisting of their militias in the city of Taiz, similar to what we observe in the southern Yemeni governorates.

Factions affiliated with the Saudi-led coalition exchange accusations about bursting the military situation in Taiz and belonging to the Takfiri organization of Daesh.

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