From Washington was the decision to wage war on Yemen




By: Hameed Abdulkader Antar

The decision of the war on Yemen was taken from Washington by the aggressor Kingdom of the sand (Saudi Arabia) and the Arab regimes headed by Gulf exception Oman which not join in the coalition against Yemen,so thankful for Oman.

The declared objectives of the war resolution are to restore legitimacy,while three years of aggression on Yemen did not achieve the Kingdom of sand(Saudi Arabia) even one goal.

The destruction of the infrastructure is destroyed 27 million people.Fifty thousand civilians were killed.Dismantling the ruling family in Saudi Arabia.

Drain the wealth of the Gulf States for the benefit of companies manufacturing weapons.

The result of this devastating war will be the fall of the throne of the Al-Saud,as well as the victory of Yemen and raising the flag of Yemen in all international forums.

The Yemeni people will deprived of all the Arab regimes that participated in the aggression against Yemen
Yemen will win and break the aggression.

Yemen is the origin of Arabs and the source of civilization.