PHPO organizeing a medical camp on the anniversary of Pophet’s anniversary




The Public Health and Population Office will organize a medical camp in the capital of Yemen ,Sana’a, to treat eye patients and conduct surgical operations to remove white water on the anniversary of Pophet Mohammed PBUH birthday.

The Director of the Public Health and Population Office in the governorate, Dr. Khalid Al-Montasser, told Yemenextra that the free camp, which will be organized over five days, is part of several health events organized by the health sector in the province to celebrate of the birth anniversary of the Prophet.

He pointed out that,the activities include sending a medical convoy to support the fighters in all battle fronts in addition to receiving all cases and free preview in all hospitals in the province and reduce 50% of the fees of all operations and dips and diagnostic methods in all hospitals of the province,it will start from Tuesday until next Saturday.