Two Killed and Four Wounded in a Car Bombing in Aden




Two people were killed and four others injured in an explosion carried out by suicide bombers Tuesday evening using a car bomb near the Ministry of Finance building in the southern city of Aden.

Media sources close to the Saudi-led coalition quoted a local source as saying: the gunmen detonated a car bomb next to the Ministry of Finance building in Abu Dhar al-Ghafari neighborhood in Khor Maksar District in Aden, followed by clashes, leaving 2 killed and 4 others wounded as an initial outcome.

According to the source, the blast caused the total destruction of the building consisting of 6 floors as well as the windows in nearby houses.

The terrorist organization “Daesh”, claimed responsibility for the bombing on Wednesday morning.

The southern Yemeni governorates have been witnessing a wave of security chaos under the control of the Saudi-led coalition forces.

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