We Are Not Surprised About Saleh’s Betrayal: Ansarullah Political Office




The Political Office of AnsarAllah expressed that its not so surprised regarding the departure of Saleh from the partnership with AnsarAllah.

The council pointed out at the same time that Saleh’s positions were only a bunch of words that did not resemble practical partnership.

The council said in a statement on Saturday: The leader of the General People’s Congress knows best about AnsarAllah and their values and ethics in peace and in war. He dragged himself an iniquity that is the most serious he has ever come across during his known history. He is going to have to bear the consequences of what Abu Dhabi and Riyadh schemed for.

“We continue to rely on the remaining GPC leaders to have a role in rescuing their party and saving their country from the consequences of going against the interests of Yemen, its dignity, its pride and its independence,” statement added.

It also reiterated that “Yemen’s wise people must take responsibility and exert their national efforts to prevent the deterioration of conditions, valuing the great role of various tribes keen to act as a Yemeni gun directed against the external enemy.”

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