Militant forces give up all across Syria as reconciliation deal takes place




With little forewarning or expectation, many militants across Syria have suddenly surrendered to Syrian government forces today, taking up a long-standing reconciliation deal that remains in effect after many years.

In the province of Daraa, nearly 100 militants affiliated with the Free Syrian Army-linked Al-Omari Brigades gave up to Syrian Army forces, leaving their defensive positions in the Lajat area of the region and approaching government troops at the city of Al-Sanmein.

According to sources, the surrendered militants originate from the town Shiaara in Daraa’s northern countryside. The rebels themselves say that they are fed up with the war and just want a normal civilian life back.

More than 50 civilians and rebel fighters left the Rukkban refugee camp in the far south of Homs province near the Jordanian border, and crossed the Syrian desert towards Syrian Army lines, handing over their weapons and themselves to government forces.

From here, the militants – most of them being native to the oasis town of Al-Qarayatayn – were transferred by Syrian authorities to Al-Sawwanah in eastern Homs.

As with all surrendered militant forces, the service record of the ex-rebel fighters will be examined to make sure they were not involved in any war crimes. So long as no evidence of involvement in war crimes is detected, the surrendered militants will be authorized to return to civilian life.

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