Road from Beirut to Tehran functions after Syrian Army’s triumph in Deir Ezzor




The Iranian government may have scored their most vital regional victory of the year after their allies from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) freed the entire western bank of the Euphrates River in the Deir Ezzor Governorate today.

What initiated as an offensive by the Syrian Army to secure the area around the Kuweires Military Airport (east Aleppo) in early January 2017, quickly developed into an operation to capture the entire Euphrates River Valley in late Spring of this year after the Russian military command focused their total attention on defeating Daesh terrorist organization inside the country.

 With help from Iran, the Syrian Army and their allies managed to liberate thousands of square kilometers of territory from Daesh this year, putting them in position to finally open a roadway from Damascus to Baghdad.

While Daesh still possesses some pockets inside both Syria and Iraq, they no longer control any prominent towns or cities that could potentially block a route from Damascus to Baghdad.

For Iran’s enemies – mainly Israel and Saudi Arabia – Daesh’s defeat in the Euphrates River Valley has brought to fruition the “Shiite crescent” that links Tehran to Beirut via Syria and Iraq.

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