Yemeni missile force: Equation to create a new economic map




After the fabrication of the media in the framework of shading the public opinion of the Arab world and the inability of the American military industries (missile defense system) in dealing with Yemeni ballistic missiles in the depth of Saudi Arabia, today, the US media acknowledged the Yemeni missile capabilities of the army and the People’s Committees, where the New York Times revealed the lies of the Saudi authorities on the drop of ballistic missile fired by the army and the committees towards the Saudi capital Riyadh last month.

In the event that the aggression they used to associate them to the occupation of Sanaa and stir up sedition in the country, the paper Ali Abdullah Saleh and his militias, the Yemeni missile force launched a winged cruise missile in the direction of the UAE for the first time after a test strike targeting the nuclear reactor in Albaraka Abu Dhabi, observers considered it a warning message to the rulers The United Arab Emirates with regard to the crimes committed against the land and people of Yemen.

Yemen, after nearly 1000 days of aggression since 25 March 2015, has been able to impose a new military equation in the region for the aggressor countries, which is that Saudi Arabia and the UAE will not enjoy stability as long as the continued aggression and the brutal blockade of Yemen, and this is what the commander of the Yemeni revolution Sayyid Abdul Malik Badruddin al-Houthi in his previous speeches, and this means that the stability of the invading countries cannot be achieved until Yemen fully stabilizes.

The launching of ballistic missiles towards the land of aggression (Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) has several messages and repercussions regardless of the military objective:

First: to create a state of insecurity and instability in the country of invasions
Second: the economic and investment threat
Third: To incite internal public opinion to the rulers because of their involvement in their adventures
Fourth: Delivering a message to the invaders that there is strength and ability in the two senses, if necessary

And the reason for this brutal aggression, starving the Yemeni people and returning Yemen to the house of obedience, so that he can plunder the wealth of oil and gas, where

information indicates that Yemen has the largest reserves of oil, and estimated scientific research and international companies for exploration that exceeds the oil of the entire Gulf, Of the Saudi state of guardianship, and for at least three decades, to block any use of Yemen from the oil reserves for the development of the economy and society. The US-Saudi understanding led to limiting the Yemeni investment to its local needs only, within a framework that preserves the state’s shape at its lowest level its negative impact on the security of Saudi Arabia, but ballistic missiles today is a dam blocking the US-Zionist ambitions Gulf in the country.

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