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The Economic War on Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A By Daniel Larison Declan Walsh reports on the famine conditions that threaten the lives of up to 14 million people in Yemen. Here he explains the devastating effects of the policies of the Saudi coalition and Hadi…

The War of the Dollar … The story of Economic Monstrosity?

YemenExtra Y.A The simple Yemeni citizen has shed his dreams in the labyrinth of the riyal against the craziness of the dollar ,the markets have been caught in terms of the prices of consumer goods and basic commodities, and hunger in…

Economic war hits Yemen from south to north

YemenExtra Y.A The southerners have run out of patience during the three years of the Saudi-Emirati occupation of their country, and the Saudi-Emirati promises are today, only camps and foreign soldiers, the looting of wealth and the…