New secrets of the militia leader (Ali Abdallah Saleh) scheme discovered




Many of the secrets that accompanied the conspiracy of sedition and betrayal led by the militia leader Ali Saleh to provoke chaos and fighting in Sanaa and the provinces outside the control of aggression are unknown to the public opinion, and their presentation and disclosure is necessary for a number of reasons.

And secondly to accommodate the size of the victory achieved by Yemen to eliminate the sedition, the magnitude of the shock received by the United States and the countries of aggression, and third to know the size of the bet that was the subject of the implementation of conspiracy plot, and fourth to explain the media campaigns Which exploited the humanitarian situation and the interruption of salaries due to the siege and the transfer of the Central Bank and the discontentment of an internal party facing aggression; with the aim of inciting it and the absence of responsibility for aggression against those repercussions.

UAE in Yemeni whirlpool, alliances and divisions after betting on “Ali Abdullah Saleh”

Al-Masirah publishes a comprehensive review of the documents found in the hideouts of the leaders of the sedition or the computers in their possession. In this case, we refer to documents of the political initiative presented by the leader of the militia of “betrayal” Saleh to the CIA, It has control of its sea lanes and exploration of its wealth.

• Exploitation of the site to confront aggression
The documents obtained by Al-Masirah newspaper show that the leadership of the militias of sedition and betrayal that blew up the situation in Sana’a has worked since the early exploitation of its image as a face of aggression to work in a stable atmosphere and communicate with the outside.

The first document is a proposal directed at the leadership of the vandalism militias, which seems to have been drafted early. It recommends that “dialogues with the outside should be continued on behalf of the Conference alone and flexibility must be shown”. “But if the conference reaches results, it will be possible,” and here he means that if the leaders of sedition succeed in communicating with the outside in the name of the conference and accept what they propose, then it can Engagement, ie, the internal situation. ”

The proposal also sees supporters of God, or “Huthis” as he calls them, who want to reach a solution to stop the war, but at the same time they believe that they are not accepted from abroad for their misfortune. In the interest of the Conference. It should be noted that speaking on behalf of the Conference does not mean that the party has already been involved in the plan, which has been revealed by events on the ground and in fact.

• The proposal to hand over Yemen to the United States
Among the documents obtained by Al-Masirah from the documents of sedition schemes, a dangerous document is presented as a proposal to the United States to work with the CIA.

Before presenting the details of the document, it is possible to say that the leader of the treason militia Ali Saleh had studied all the options With the exception of standing truthfully in the face of aggression, and that the man had a lot of false data, including his confidence that the loyalty of the Yemeni army to him and that the United States can abandon the Saudi regime for him, and he felt perhaps more than two years after the aggression that the men of the army and Committees who are fighting on the fronts have reached the stage of exhaustion, and thus found an appropriate opportunity to return to monopolization of the rule through his son Ahmad.

Ansarullah missiles can reach anywhere in UAE: Houthi

For the document, which is a proposal for US intelligence, it represents a preliminary proposal, and that if approved, the US agency will be provided with a detailed implementation plan.

In the beginning, the document says that if the proposal is approved, it will restore stability to the Arabian Peninsula and enable the United States to gain a strong foothold in Yemen, indicating that the timing of the proposal was carefully chosen, especially that the economic situation in Yemen will make Yemenis accept America, The success of the economic war on Yemen, and the proposal sets out several reasons to emphasize that the timing of the proposal was correct.

The first of these reasons is that the current situation of Yemen is ripe for the formation of a transitional government and a more moderate army than the so-called “Huthis.” Here is a clear indication of the request to support the coup against the Supreme Political Council and the formation of a government by the treason leader Ali Saleh with American support.

The proposal also confirms that the economic situation in Yemen has contributed to the decline in popularity of what they described as “Huthis”. Here is the explanation of media campaigns conducted by media belonging to Ali Saleh trying to load the supporters of God causes of salary cuts and the humanitarian situation and ignore the aggression imposed by the embargo on Yemen, from the transfer of the central bank to Aden.

The proposal presented to the American Agency that the situation in Yemen is ripe for the establishment of a Yemeni-American alliance, and believes that if America does not agree at the moment Yemen will fall under the domination of Russia and Iran, and here the use and temptation to the Americans paper competition for influence with the Russians.

According to the document, the proposal is divided into two main sections: the first after the coup against the Supreme Council will be secret cooperation with the United States in the fight against terrorism in full, and that the US intelligence choose the appropriate elements of the army and security forces to cooperate in this area, and the second section of the proposal Is to work with the US government politically, economically, militarily and culturally and sign a joint defense agreement, which clearly reveals the intention of Ali Saleh to hand over Yemen to US protection, as do the Gulf regimes.

In order to implement the first part of the proposal, Ali Saleh presents several points to be implemented. He addresses USAID in the first point: “Working in cooperation with your CIA to target terrorist groups in all Yemeni territory.” Another point is the participation of local counterterrorism reports with your agency “, as well as” operational support by your agency for counterterrorism operations “.

“As a result of the difficulty and complexity of the political and security situation in Yemen, funding of $ 3 million per month must be provided for the implementation of this project. Hundreds of individuals throughout Yemen will have to be re-employed to support this project, and logistical support and movement between the provinces and communication with different regions became more difficult as a result of the ongoing war.
“If this project is approved by your agency, a more detailed plan will be presented for the target areas,” the proposal says.

Military bases and exclusive oil rights for America
In the proposal presented by Ali Saleh to the Americans, it was very clear that it was done before Saudi Arabia raised the red lines around it after believing that it would win in Yemen without it. Therefore, the man believed that his presentation was an attractive offer to hand over Yemen and its decision and its sovereignty and wealth to the Americans. His son.

On the political side of the proposal, the Americans are told that Yemen should not be under the tutelage of Saudi Arabia and therefore set 15 points for the Americans, including first signing a “joint defense agreement between the United States and Yemen will ensure American protection and control of the Bab al-Mandab corridor” The United States will allow America to establish a naval base or air on Yemeni territory.

“He also asks at another point that the United States reassure Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states that Yemen will not pose any threat to them.

“We will work with absolute transparency with the United States to combat terrorism and there will be no restrictions on that,” he says. On the economic side, one of the points says: “Preference will be given to American companies to explore new oil rights in the northern regions of Yemen, subject to the participation of tribal groupings.” This is a clear indication of his acceptance of the reality imposed by the UAE in southern Yemen.

“When the Saudi military intervention in Yemen stops, Yemeni forces will withdraw from Saudi territory,” he says. “Be absolutely certain that the Houthi without the support of the Yemeni army will not be able to continue fighting on the Saudi border or anywhere else.” Clear on the outline of the detection of fronts and also reflect the magnitude of the illusion that was living and make him confident that the Yemeni army owes him allegiance.

He also pledges at the last point that “religion will be separated from the state, all political parties based on religion will be dissolved and Yemen will work to support moderate Islam.” This is the view of the UAE regime formed by the United States. The areas that he is supposed to return to rule through his son and he remains in control of the decision that will be in accordance with the proposal in the hands of the United States.

Discussion: The documents reveal that the contact line between Saleh and Washington intelligence is limited to customers

After reviewing the documents reviewed, Anis Nakash, a political analyst and coordinator of the safety net for research and strategic studies, comments on these documents and the contents of her speech. “Before the revolution, President Ali Abdullah Saleh reminded us of how he dealt with the Americans and how he dealt with terrorism. Is carrying out the death by drones and coordinates with President Ali Saleh by direct agreement. ”

The argument adds that after the argument for the expansion of terrorism “Saleh returned and took advantage of the war on Yemen wants to present itself again and to remind the United States that it is possible to provide them with services from new.”

“This message is not directed to the American Foreign Ministry, but is sent through the CIA,” he said. “This is a proof. When a person writes (sent to you through your agency), the communication line between him and the US administration is an intelligence line, only done by customers. ”

The debate also shows that if Saleh wanted to deal with a former president or a politician, “it would be possible to send the message directly through the US State Department or the White House.”

“It seems that Saleh was used to this kind of cooperation, so the agency’s word is used only by professionals, in the sense of the CIA,

He adds, commenting on the wording of the speech in the document: “Scenario in which the pretext of terrorism to take the American favor, and I give you what you want, and you can put pressure on Saudi Arabia partner war and return to power.

“Yes, he knows he cannot say he’s a White House partner, he cannot talk to the US president at the same level, he’s less, he’s dealing with the White House as a client and a counselor,” he said, Many bosses have been working this way. ”

Report: —-Ibrahim Serraji

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