AnsarAllah spokesman: Where is the reckless world when it comes to Saudi war crimes in Yemen?!




The official spokesman of AnsarAllah in Yemen, Mohammed Abdul Salam, condemned the heinous crime committed by the Saudi-led coalition against the citizens of Saada city on Wednesday, which claimed the lives of a number of innocent civilians and wounded several others.

“The enemy has committed massacres on Wednesday in Saada as the death toll reached 19 of women and children, and the bombing is yet still targeting the paramedics,” he stated.

Abdel Salam denounced the international position, who are not intimidated by the daily crimes and massacres in Yemen, while being disturbed by the Yemenis’ defense of themselves.

The spokesman of AnsarAllah also stressed that its a right for Yemenis to defend themselves against the horrific crimes committed against them amid the silence of the world.

Moreover, he confirmed that Yemeni missiles are launched in defense of the sovereignty of the Yemeni people.

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