Ali Saleh The nature of the alliance and the end of the plot!




Saleh’s fall marks a milestone in Yemeni history, which is no different from the fall of the monarchy in 1962.

The sixth president of the Yemeni Arab Republic has established himself as absolute ruler and has been in power for 38 years, even after his partial withdrawal from power in the Gulf Initiative 2012 Which secured him an honorable exit fraught with immunity but remained firm until the last day of his life! Is power or imprisonment and death the psychology of the Arab ruler?

The situation that ended with the death of Saleh was not a failure to manage the partnership between Saleh and Ansarullah. It was an explosion of deep contradiction in the most important basis of the partnership between the two parties, an assessment of the external danger.

In the struggle, which the supporters of God considered the sovereignty and national liberation, in favor of lifting the UN sanctions on him and his son and retaining the leadership of the Congress Party beyond the agreement of the Gulf Initiative, which required his exit from the political stage, Saleh aspired to accept the Kingdom and the United States to return Representative of their interests in the country as was before February 2011 governor “has no partner”!

The contradiction in terms of the government priorities envisioned by the supporters of God is an urgent socio-economic necessity in support of the steadfastness of the fronts. For Saleh, electoral and military polarization priorities within society and state institutions entrenched the sites of the conference and made them supreme in the face of their partner, Ansarullah.

Saleh was not a dancer on the heads of snakes, as he boasted of filming himself busy in the service of the people who stand on the government and respond to the national state, he was at war on the Yemeni nationalist and leftist forces, to consolidate his rule, overturning all political alliances, In 1990 and with the Muslim Brotherhood in 94 AD.

As well as the annulment of peace agreements with God’s supporters throughout the six wars. And hindered the political development of democracy, hindered the political reform, which reached the zero point in 2009 when the opposition refused to enter the new elections without political reform was to do means the loss of Saleh in the game of formal democracy, not only reached a dead end with the opposition parties at the time, But the emergence of new social forces rejecting the policy of governance, supporters of God in the far north and mobility in the far south.

Saleh, always valid and elusive to join the front against aggression

Throughout his reign Saleh did not feel the contradiction between the national interests and the colonial interests of the imperialist forces of globalization, nor were the kingdoms of the Gulf in his political evaluation a threat to the republic and democracy in Yemen and kingdoms with expansive ambitions.

For a period of wisdom that was compatible with the Gulf politics, To a terrorist operation in the mosque of the House of Presidency in the events of 2011, and has maintained relations with the United Arab Emirates – which was not mentioned in the coalition of aggression until the last days – and continued until the advent of the US-backed Gulf military intervention on the eve of March 26 And then appeared to condemn the aggression after the imposition of sanctions on him and his son Ahmed Ali, in resolution 2216 and encouraged him to show the steadfastness of the people and the anger of the Yemeni people, including rules His party, the General People’s Congress, considered it the most appropriate moment to restore its popularity after it was hit by the winds of the Arab Spring.

Throughout the reign of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Salih issued speeches in which he asserted that the national reality of confronting aggression was what he had gathered together with the supporters of God in “one metropolis” and sent messages to the coalition countries not to establish hostility towards them, while addressing the interior as the main engine of confrontation, A mythical image of his relatively loyal Republican Guards, portrayed in the public consciousness as absolute soldiers in favor of his son Ahmad Ali, a perception that Saleh went to devote to public awareness.

The recent round of conflict in Sanaa revealed the falsehoods that he had done when he believed it! Did not favor him the Republican Guard forces, but participated with the security services in the overthrow of the coup plot backed by the aggression against his partners, which blew it on 2 December 2017.

Saleh to Saudi Arabia: after all, we are the ‘winning horse’!

Saleh entered into a new phase after returning to him many of the rules that he abandoned after 2011, and saw in his opposition to the aggression a national conclusion to the success of his political history is not national,!

was the most prominent event is the first anniversary of the aggression March 26, 2016, when Saleh supporters in the seventies, He said that you were wrong to rely on Hadi because he is a “losing horse”, meaning that he is the winning horse that can be relied upon to overthrow Ansarullah. Saleh has repeated in all his speeches that the supporters of Allah are “de facto” From Hadi, and was not recognized legitimacy Rayya, an asymptotic speech coalition countries that are supporters of the authority of God’s “coup” speech.

From this stage, Saleh started the strategy of gluing himself and the forces that are in the public consciousness loyal to him with everything related to confronting the aggression. The pictures that made him next to the leader of the revolution, Mr.

Abdul Malik al-Houthi, were printed in Sana’a markets and cars. The people of the military decision and who leads the confrontation, and that he is not only a partner of the supporters of God, but their engine, as is common camp Hadi.

In every word, Saleh is threatening aggression and praising the victories

Saleh prefers the steadfastness of the people in terms of bias to the battle until it came to become in the social and political consciousness, internal and external, the most prominent figure in the face of aggression.

When he reached this point, he moved to a new strategy, ascending the ladder of quirks and betrayal! After the formation of the Supreme Political Council in Yemen on the 28th of July 2016, Salih entered the Conference Party with him in a new strategy, which was to restore his influence in the institutions of the state and to act as an opponent of Ansarullah, who was addressing them The opposition to the Houthis, taking advantage of his experience in playing the role of the opposition during the “government of reconciliation”, which is aligned with the parties “Encounter of the polytheist” after the settlement of the Gulf initiative on April 3, 2012, and promised them then how will be vulnerable! In spite of its popular presence in the center of the poor and the middle class of national interest, the political party continued to express the interests of the parasitic groups of the civil and military administrative bureaucracy.

This bureaucracy was marginalized by the revolutionary committees and their administrative control by the control of Ansarullah to Sanaa evolutionally on September 21, 2014. Under the name of political partnership and the return of parliament and beyond the stage of revolutionary committees, Saleh and his followers exerted heavy pressure on employees who occupied the positions of revolutionary committees previously, and so Saleh recovered a large part And he was unable to restore the military bureaucracy of the ruling military leaders loyal to him, who preferred to stay in their homes and take the position of neutrality in the war.

And if Saleh in his speeches defending the institutional nature of the state and the constitutional and legal means at the end of analysis to defend the class bureaucratic class The state institutions, which have served for three decades mainly the networks of the interests of its elites shared by the government. Saleh not only strengthened his influence in the civil institutions of the state while retaining local authority and parliament, but acted to play the role of opposition, The ministries of income, such as oil and communications, were in his possession – there was no objection to the supporters of Allah from handing over these ministries as a gesture of good faith in opening a new relationship with him entitled the priority to address the aggression – Saleh has remained throughout the partnership calls for supporters of God to pay salaries of employees, Which is part of the aggression and holds them responsible, to return to the masses to the masses, peace be to God, on the pardon of a period of wisdom – which was never prosperous – according to an organized media in spreading economic rumors and talk about insulting the supporters of God to state institutions and the looting of their supervisors To the State’s funds, in order to address the direct and tangible needs of the Yemeni people, which are witnessing very dire humanitarian conditions since the beginning of the war.

This is repeated in the statements of the UN organizations. “Saleh” and his supporters from the Congress party played a role in the political partnership process.

The file of gas and fuel is the most important economic file that Saleh invests in rumors and pressure on the supporters of God and stands out in his media, which is characterized by the status of The absence of representatives of the Conference in the Political Council disrupted the role of the President of the Political Council, unable to issue any of these important decisions to reform the institutional performance of the remaining facilities of the government.

Saleh’s strategy also rejected the party’s acceptance of the presidency of the political council periodically, as agreed, after the end of the first term of the presidency of the representative of Ansarullah, “Saleh al-Sammad”, to remain supporters of God are dominant in the image before society and in the face of crises.

Saleh has succeeded in putting the supporters of God in the grip of the economic crisis and the government failure. Such a scenario was not unlikely to be done by Saleh for those who know the history of political alliances that have been turned upside down by politicians or researchers, especially after strong indications of his coup It should be noted that the researcher at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, the responsibility of Jarallah, reached the same result in one of the possible scenarios for the future of the agreement between Ansarullah and Saleh, where he wrote in December of last year 2016: “Or pay Saleh towards the failure of the group a And a coup against it with the support of some international forces. “[1] This scenario was eventually achieved, and within 24 hours Saleh turned to inform the pro-coalition camp of a deposed president to a former president.

Coalition’ support to pro-militia at the eve of the death of militia leader

On the eve of his death, coalition aircraft provided air support to pro-militia militias in the fighting that erupted in the capital. Saleh intends to carry out this coup d’état in the celebration of August 24 in the square of the seventies, but the supporters of God are administered It is noteworthy that Saleh on the eve of the celebration of the seventies had raised in the field of the seventies a giant picture of him with the client Hadi, handing him the Republican flag in the transfer of the Gulf Initiative Formal 2012 in a reference to him, I still recognize your legitimacy! As was the statement of the popular committees with a strong tone role in restraining Saleh then, after he described the Popular Committees of the militia in accordance with the political description of the countries of aggression. The conference was celebrated in the 70s and the political crisis broke out before the General People’s Congress celebrated the founding day in the 70’s (for the first time in his history), Saleh met with the foreign minister of his party and the secretary general of his party, Aref al-Zouka, met separately with the EU envoy to Yemen and carried messages of friendship to the European Union and the United States.

(The party dominated by the individual) Saleh as a national party (authentic) liberal and non-ideological, able to rule the country and protect the interests of Europe and the West, and before it was the parliament and its president (the conference) has launched a surrender initiative proposed to hand over the port of Hodeidah and airport The Middle East for international forces To start the peace process, which was ultimately rejected by the supporters of God. The speech of the leader of the General People’s Congress took an upward path, days before the celebration of the Seventies of 24 August 2017. In these speeches, which were repeated daily in his meetings until after the event, he called for ” To avoid tension that serves the countries of aggression and those who stand in the line of aggression, “adding that the tension is not an objective presence in the political reality to contradict the positions and perceptions and priorities of government and political supporters of God, but the product of the Fifth Columns, and insisted on loading Ansarullah responsibility for paying salaries, M The conference’s participation in the political council was “a responsibility, not a good one.” Speaking of aggression, it was reminiscent of the term “Saudi aggression,” without the Americans, and of the forces opposed by the army, the popular committees and the volunteers. As a matter of substance for the Conference in its foreign relations and in securing its political future in reaching a humiliating compromise, it is concerned with the alliance, and in such a way that the supporters of Allah will become popular supporters of the victory along with his (family) By day he hinted to Saudi Arabia to accept “We are ready for dialogue with the aggression countries represented by Saudi Arabia, which is leading the coalition. We are ready for a courageous dialogue in the context of harm, harm and understanding with our brothers in Saudi Arabia, as we agreed with them in 70 AD after 8 years of war on the Yemeni revolution 26 September of 62 until we put an end to that war by a general agreement 70”. At the same time, he was defending the leadership of the conference which explicitly supported the aggression in order to ensure their return.

This approach served to reach a settlement between two forces loyal to Riyadh, General 70, the settlement mentioned and maintained Yemen is a hostage to Saudi hegemony. In that history, the kings reconciled with the reactionary forces within the ranks of the republic loyal to Saudi Arabia. Saleh wanted to reach a similar settlement with the leaders of his party that preceded him to Riyadh and Cairo and his partner Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar and his historical deputy Hadi. Where Yemen’s Yemen Today newspaper, as well as the Yemen Today channel, were applauding General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar and the Governor of Marib appointed by Hadi Al-Arada, describing these two agents as national unity leaders! It is a deal that comes out of the Yemeni national forces, namely the supporters of Allah on the one hand and the Southern Movement and some national forces, which are stupidly aligned with Hadi and are in fact targeted by Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, who wants to monopolize the “legitimate” front. Saleh also wanted to monopolize the front against aggression In general, the question of national sovereignty was not important in the form of the political settlement that Saleh wants after he regained his bureaucratic influence, collected his supporters and distorted supporters of God, and was in a position to continue as a difficult figure in the Yemeni reality.

Some of the outcomes of Salman’s vist to Moscow

After Salman’s visit to Moscow last October, Which undoubtedly touched the Yemeni file, and tried to Riyadh’s use of Moscow in the political and military influence on the situation in Yemen, the alliance allowed the aggression of a Russian delegation to come to Sanaa airport (tightly closed), on the pretext that this delegation to carry out the operation of Saleh, and it was surprise that Saleh the next day to honor the delegation as if not dragged A process that requires success for several days, especially since he is an elderly man. Whether or not he has an operation, the political dimension of this “medical” delegation, which has played a diplomatic role, is valid. Saleh invited to attend a political workshop at a Russian institute and a roundtable For political solution, and Saleh has shown his response to travel prohibitions by the Security Council. Despite the lack of seriousness in the partnership with the supporters of God on the basis of confronting aggression, this partnership, especially at the grassroots level among the masses of supporters of God and the masses of the Conference and the rest of the classes of the people have played an important role in strengthening the steadfastness in the face Aggression, which has disturbed the countries of the coalition of aggression that headed for the dissolution of this partnership, and it is no secret that this issue was one of the recommendations of the senior researcher at the Washington Institute of deep interest in the military, political and security issues in Iraq, Iran and the Gulf States and Yemen, was the first items of recommendations in the Entitled “Fighting the Spread of Iranian Missiles in Yemen [4]:

Efforts to accelerate the dissolution of the Houthi alliance with Saleh. These efforts were confirmed by Bruce Riedel, an adviser to four former US presidents, will the Yemeni rebels collapse? [5] Riedel believed that Saudi Arabia’s hope of getting out of the Yemeni arena would depend largely on Ali Abdullah Saleh and the division of what he called the Yemeni rebels while Saudi Arabia’s bet on the alliance in Sanaa is a weak bet, it is not a viable strategy Some top Saudi officials were quoted as saying to their American counterparts that they may have opportunities The best thing is to end the war on favorable terms if there is a conflict within the Sana’a camp, but the worst result for the Saudis is that the Houthis will quickly defeat Saleh’s supporters and consolidate their grip on the insurgency. After the success of Saleh in the people’s minds that he is the engine of confronting aggression and that he is defending the constitutionality of the state and the people, and holding the supporters of Allah responsible for living and the economic collapse, the conference entered into its latest strategy:

the possession of military force to overthrow the supporters. God, and as it seems, the countries of aggression that have long hinted at the possibility of a return to harmony with it demanded him to carry out an act on the ground confirms his words and not just review and make concessions in the speeches. And because «Saleh» did not actually have any support from the popular forces and military facing aggression in different J And the formation of a camp outside the supervision of the Ministry of Defense called the camp Malsi on behalf of one of the martyrs of the anti-terrorist forces in the front of Najran, who joined the fight with the supporters of God. Musi camp went out many military payments, mostly snipers, Fronts, but are distributed to the houses of the capital, especially areas (Hdah) and (70) where the houses of the family Saleh and leaders of the General People’s Congress. These forces were deployed in the capital and carried out monitoring operations for Ansarullah and their headquarters.

The fighters of these forces, which were developed by Saleh, mostly from the military forces loyal to him, took the neutrality and stasis in the houses to confront the aggression and the rest of them are young rural people, as well as fighters linked to terrorist groups, The leaders of two conferences, who came to check on his health after the operation of the Russian eye supposed! In the last meeting between the supporters of Allah and the Conference, after the political crisis that lasted since the celebration of the conference in the seventies, the meeting of frankness presented the Yemeni Chief of Staff and Deputy Minister of the Interior reports on the military and security situation, which is decorated by Saleh, revealing the fate of the forces that come out Al-Mursi camp, and how it is distributed in Sana’a and does not reach the fronts, this was the last meeting between the members of the political council of the conference and the supporters of Allah.

Despite the objectivity of the reports that revealed to the leaders of the conference what is intended by Saleh and his nephew, “Saleh did not move, but the leaders of the conference did not move, and Saleh continued in the military adventure, which he eventually led to when he believed the rumors broadcast by his informants and the media victories that his party’s journalists were producing alongside the media machine of aggression.

That there was a popular uprising against Ansarullah and that his forces had taken control of everything. He went out to call for the Intifada and the civil war, trying to mobilize the military forces, the popular masses and the state officials with all the sacred values (homeland, bread, unity, republic, democracy, military honor) For the Aggression Wing of the Dove Wing the people were asked to direct the guns to the breasts of those facing aggression! The leaders of the National Central Conference and its bases were more perplexed and unable to carry out the request to detonate a civil war, rather than being non-qualified for war. It was not built on the basis of a party of struggle. Perhaps most encouraging to risk was the call made by the leader of Ansarullah, Mr.

Abdul Malik al-Houthi, in which Houthi emerged as weak militarily and out of control. Houthi addressed Saleh as “the leader” as he likes to address, the president of the General People’s Congress, the previous, and appealed to him to stop sedition and delinquency to peace and settle differences in dialogue, and Saleh was a friendly and responsible language in that last appeal. Forty-eight hours later, the battle ended with a statement by the Ministry of the Interior, in which it was announced that the plot had been put down and that its leader had been killed without even mentioning his name. He thus ended the three days of military fronts that opened in Sanaa and elsewhere. Against the General People’s Congress, similar to what Saleh did with the Yemeni Socialist Party partner of the unit after the war of 94 AD, has reflected the speeches of the leaders of Ansarullah and the President of the Political Council, the direction of God’s supporters of peace and partnership and brotherhood, and not to load the General People’s Congress and its leaders and bases, The leader of the conference and the group that carried out the conspiracy, in coordination with the countries of the alliance of aggression, the facts confirmed by the documents published by Ansarullah on the scheme of the coup, after the conspiracy confirmed the change of political and media language of the Alliance and its forces in the dialogue with the General People’s Congress, The papers are revealed in turn to the relevance of the good rebellion in the countries of aggression in terms of changing the map of alliances and Saudi Arabia to mediate reconciliation between the Yemeni Rally for Reform and the United Arab Emirates and the conference leaders who have determined their position in support of the aggression in the end!

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