Hezbollah MP: Time When No Country Can Say ‘No’ to US Is over




Head of Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc, Mohammad Raad said the time when no country can say “no” to the United States is over.

In a memorial ceremony in the southern town of Mlikh on Sunday, Raad said the US scheme in the Middle East has failed, noting that President Donald Trump was delivered a blow at the United Nations General Assembly when 128 states voiced rejection to his decision to recognize Al-Quds as Israeli capital.

“In light of this development we call upon our partners in the country, whom we disagree with them, to carefully read beyond the events since the side whom you thought are powerful have become now like others.”

Meanwhile, Raad stressed that the power of the resistance has increasingly grown, noting that such change has foiled schemes orchestrated against the countries of the region.

“We have overcome dangerous stages in the history of our country. We have become a sovereign country after being occupied by the Zionist entity. We have transferred from the stage of weakness and division into the state of power and unity.”

Source: Al-Manar