Iran slams hysteric Saudi bombing of Yemen market





“It is a pity and surprise that the hysteric attacks carried out by US deadly weapons do not provoke the reactions,” from so-called human rights advocates, Qasemi said on Tuesday night.

Since 2015, the Yemeni people have been under attacks of Saudi Arabia and its allies which have resulted in an unprecedented human catastrophe in the impoverished Arab country; the international bodies have frequently warned about the consequences of the brutal attacks and blockade in Yemen.

The siege of Yemen has caused the worst famine and hunger and the spread of diseases in Yemen so that some 700,000 cases of cholera have been reported so far in the country, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had earlier said.

The United States and the UK have sold billions of dollars of weaponry including banned cluster munitions to Saudi Arabia to kill oppressed and innocent people of Yemen.

The global community rights bodies especially the Human Rights Watch has remained tight-lipped vis-a-vis these crimes while the Saudi Arabia is ironically a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council.