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Muqtada Sadr slams US killing of Iraqi forces

YemenExtra Y.A Senior Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has slammed a recent US airstrike that killed eleven people in Anbar Province, saying the air raid was part of Washington’s repeated violations of the Arab country’s sovereignty.…

Iran slams hysteric Saudi bombing of Yemen market

YemenExtra SH.A. “It is a pity and surprise that the hysteric attacks carried out by US deadly weapons do not provoke the reactions,” from so-called human rights advocates, Qasemi said on Tuesday night. Since 2015, the…

Yemen: Oxfam slams ‘medieval’ Saudi-led blockade

YemenExtra Y.A Yemen is being pushed ever closer to famine after 1,000 days of Saudi Arabian-led war and “medieval” blockade, says an international charity group. “For 1,000 days, huge amounts of sophisticated modern weapons have…