Yemeni Foreign Ministry denounces latest statements made by US Secretary of Defense on Yemen




A senior official source at Yemen’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the statements made by US Defense Secretary James Matisse on Friday on the reality of the aggression on Yemen and the situation in which the aggression of Saudi-led coalition is imposing on Yemeni children and women and how this war affected the lives of children, women and sheikhs whether in their homes or on the streets and roads between while moving between Yemeni cities and villages.

The source denounced in a statement adopting of Pentagon by the words of Defense Minister Matisse a clear course of hostility against Yemen and its peaceful people through these statements that indicate the involvement of the American defense system in planning these military air operations, which he said that they – the Pentagon – “are committed to standards not complied with in any previous war,” and his assertion that” Washington is committed to the highest standards that prevent the deaths of civilians. ”

The senior source added “Instead of calling to end the suffering in Yemen and addressing the previous issues by Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson and the White House spokesperson on the deterioration of the humanitarian situations in Yemen and the grieve need to deal with it in more help and opening ports and airports to enter the aid and to confirm that there is no military solution and encourage the path of political settlement and negotiations between all parties; but Mattis has emerged contradicting the remarks of his government with a surprising assessment of the crimes happening crimes committed on Yemeni civilians.”

“Defense Minister Mattis promised more training to the pilots of the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen so as not to kill innocent Yemeni civilians, as if the subject was simply training mistakes, not deliberate genocide crimes and disregard for the lives of civilians, and that aggressive war is just in its first weeks not to ends it’s third year, so that it needs to be evaluated and corrected.”

The source confirmed that remarks of the US Secretary of Defense are clearly reflect the full confusion and contradiction of US policies and positions on the war on Yemen, to a degree that statements made by the spokesperson in the White House and the State Department in Washington in another side and statements of the Pentagon in another side contradicting each other.

He pointed out that these statements also reflect the poor political and diplomatic work in the staff of the US administration, which did not respond or give any attention to the calls of many representatives of the American people in Congress to stop the war in Yemen and stop arms exports and experts services and logistics provided by the Saudi-led war coalition.

The source praised the remarks of French President Emmanuel Makron last Thursday and the statement made by the French Foreign Ministry spokesman on Saturday evening calling for lifting of the blockade and opening of all Yemeni ports and airports in front of humanitarian and relief assistance and commercial and civilian flights and return to the path of peaceful political settlement and call on all parties concerned to stop the military operations and negotiations which would stop the war and follow the path of peace.

The source called on Trump administration to follow such calls of French government and hold a clear positions and be a real advocate of real peace, rather than exchange open roles, which encourages the continuation of aggression and war on Yemen and prolonging the suffering of more than 25 million Yemenis in areas that is not under Saudi-led occupation because of the policy of starvation, disease and intimidation and displacement.

The source reiterated the position of the Supreme Political Council and the National Salvation Government to pursue the path of a political settlement, a just and sustainable peace, normalization of the situation across the country in a way that support the security and stability of the country and the Yemeni people.

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