With names…killing and wounding 74 Saudi officers and soldiers last January




The Saudi media admitted of the deaths and injuries of thier army members in the clashes in the fronts of Najran, Jizan and Asir last in January.

The statistics show the killing of 39 Saudi soldiers and wounding of 35 others , and Saudi media published thier names during the last month.

The Saudi army lost a lot of its officers and soldiers along with heavy losses in its various military belongings and weapons during the attacks of the army and popular committees that targeted the sites and gatherings of the Saudi army on the border fronts.

The army and the popular committees have also been able to break all the army and mercenaries crawlings on border fronts, while units of the army and the popular committees have sniped more than 70 Saudi soldiers on the same fronts in last January.

The military operations of the army heroes and popular committees coincided with repeated strikes of the Rocketry and artillery forces, marking an advanced phase of the military operational escalation.

Saudi Arabia used to hide the losses of its Saudi army members and military belongings , that are targeted by the Yemeni army and popular committees on the fronts, while the lens of media war documented the destruction and death of dozens of soldiers and military vehicles that are belong to the Saudi army on the border fronts.

The monitoring unit of Yemen press documented the names of 35 Saudi officers and soldiers whom killed in last January.