Report warns Yemeni political forces of the new envoy




The last three years have seen a military activity by the Saudi-led military alliance against the Yemeni people. Saudi forces have launched a campaign of airstrikes in an attempt to subdue the Yemeni Army and the popular committees (Houthis forces), but the Yemeni people continue to exercise control, with influence stretching up to the Saudi border.

Given the military setbacks suffered by Saudi coalition in Yemen, rather than beginning a war which has inflamed anti-Saudi sentiment and created a military and political quagmire for the Saudi government. However, attempts to find a diplomatic solution and bring the bloody campaign to an end were instead thwarted because of the violations that have been committed by the Saudi Arabia and its allies.

The dominant of the Yemeni Army and the popular committees (Houthis forces) in Yemen — and the ultimate lack of stability in the south of country suggest that the Saudi government should consider alternative methods to extricate itself from a military intervention that has been thus far unsuccessful. As well as, the intensified military campaign plunged Saudi Arabia into economic crisis.

And after the failure of Ould Sheikh in peace negotiations because he was an agent to the aggression forces, UN spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, appointed former British diplomat Martin Griffiths as his new envoy charged with trying to broker peace in Yemen. It is a great victory for the Yemeni people, the political forces, the army and the committees after their rejection Ould Sheikh.

However, there is a close relationship between the supporters of the coalition forces and the new envoy, and caution should be exercised. For example, the British capital London hosted the Foreign Ministers of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the United States with the participation of the United Nations and Oman at 11/2017.

At the end… There are many questions among the followers of the Yemeni file, will 2018 be the year of end Yemen war? Is the mission of the new envoy is the division of Yemen and the implementation of the aggression schemes? Or he will carry out his humanitarian mission?

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