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What did United Nation’s envoy say about Yemen yesterday?

YemenExtra Y.A The United Nation’s envoy to Yemen plans to unveil a new framework to end the war on Yemen which has entered its third year, Martin Griffiths said  yesterday. “My plan is to put to the council within the next two months a…

Why UN envoy to Yemen cancel his visit to the south

YemenExtra Y.A The new United Nations envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, postponed his planned visit to Aden because of what he called the "security concerns" delayed highlighting the security chaos in the city and exacerbating the…

Report warns Yemeni political forces of the new envoy

YemenExtra Y.A The last three years have seen a military activity by the Saudi-led military alliance against the Yemeni people. Saudi forces have launched a campaign of airstrikes in an attempt to subdue the Yemeni Army and the…